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byrch has started a donation pool!
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Points for prizes for the Work Horse Trials!!!

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Fawnling plots  Point Commission

Running: Now- August 24 (could be extended)
Event Type: Mixed Classes
Classes: trail, cross country, cutting, halter, driving, log pull, working horse miscellaneous classes
Restrictions: None

Welcome to the second Work Horse Trials! We’ve changed a few things to make it easier to enter the show, but the main principle is still the same, to have a good reliable horse. If there are any questions, feel free to ask!

General Rules

- No flaming or bashing others. If I see any, you will be automatically disqualified.
- All breeds are welcomed!  Just no using magic powers to gain unfair advantage.
- No pre-registration required!
- Art must be your own!  Photo backgrounds are allowed, but stock owners must be credited and it will gain you less points overall.
- No tracing. If referenced, credit must be given to the stock owner
-  Entries should be at least show half the horse. Riders can be cropped off.
-  In the entry, please link to previous shows, training and extra images
- To go for supreme champion, you must enter at least 2 divisions
- Unlike last time, we are combining the experience groups (novice horses and experienced horses are competing against each other), however, you can put in your entry proof that your horse is experienced (at least 3 shows of a similar discipline)

Classes and entrants

Halter Class

-Stallions (age 5 and over)
-Mares (age 5 and over)
-Colts (4 and under)
-Fillies (age 4 and under)

Youngstock/Nonriding Division

-In-hand trail
-Costume class

Western Division

-Western Pleasure
-Bull Herding

English Division

-Classy Hack
-Fox Hunt Trial
-Classy Driving
-Ladies Horse (sidesaddle)

Farm Division

-Log pull
-Wagon Class

Class descriptions

Halter and Youngstock classes
Halter class: Judging the horses conformation. Handler does not need to be shown. Bridles or halters are allowed. Outdoor arena, sunny with clouds.

In Hand Trail: Outdoors. Leading horse through and obstacle course, seeing how they react to “scary” situations and objects. Some obstacles can be cones, wooden planks, a wooden bridge, huge flowerpots. Handler need not be shown.

Costume class:  Outdoor arena. Show off your horse in a costume! Handler need not be shown.

Liberty: Outdoor arena. Cooler, windy day. Handler can be partially shown.

Western Division
Western Pleasure: Outdoor arena. Cool, little to no wind. Handler should be shown. Western tack, horse shouldn’t be too slow.

Trail:  Starts in the outdoor arena, go through gate to a pre-made trail that goes through pastures, woods, and over a creek. Obstacles are scattered through the trail. Handler can be partially shown. Western tack needed.

Cutting: Indoor arena. Handler can be partially shown. Horse and rider must keep the calf cut away from the herd for at least 1 minute, then move to another calf. At least 2 calves must be cut in the time limit of 4 minutes.

Penning: Indoor arena. Handler can be partially shown.  Similar to cutting, though the horse and rider have to get the calf to a pen and successfully “capture” it.

Roping: Outdoor arena. Handler can be partially shown. Successfully rope a calf, and hog-tie it. Calf must stay tied for at least 10 seconds.

Bull herding: Large pasture, leading to outdoor arena, to small pen. Herd a bull (or multiple) bulls from the large pasture to the outdoor arena, then into a small pen. CATUION, this is a dangerous class, only riders over 18 years old are allowed to enter this class, along with experienced horses. Rider may be partially shown.

Mounted shooting: Outdoor arena. Rider may be partially shown. Balloons are mounted up. Fastest time wins.

English Division
Classy Hack:  Two part class, starts in the outdoor arena. Horses are judged on manners and gait. Then moves to trail portion, horse must demonstrate sense of mind and willingness to continue. Obstacles are scattered through the trail portion. Handler may be partially shown.

Fox Hunt Trial:  Fast paced, through the woods and pastures. Jumps and gates are scattered through the course. Rider may be partially shown.

Classy Driving: Two part class, starts in outdoor arena, then to closed off paved road. Judged on manners, and willingness to continue.

Ladies Horse: Outdoor arena. Sidesaddle, gentlemen may compete alongside the ladies. Period clothes required, handler may be partially shown.

Farm Division
Log Pull:  In the woods. Lot’s of bugs are around. Logs to be pulled are oak. Single or double teams allowed. Way of going and time are judged for this class. Take the logs out of the woods out through the pasture to the drive way (150 ft). Handler may or may not be shown.

Plowing: Neighbors field needs plowing. Each team will be given a section of field to be plowed. Speed and accuracy are judged for this class. Single or teamsters are allowed to be shown. Handler may or may not be shown.

Wagon Class: This years wagon class theme will be…Classic beer wagon! Wisconsin in renowned for beer and drinking, almost more than for milk and cows, so it’s just natural to have this years to be beer wagon. Imagination and intuitiveness for creating or renovating the wagon are judged, as well as how well the horses do with pulling it. Cases of root beer will be given out, seeing if they are tipped or spilled with the horses movement.

Points and Judging
Each piece will be judged against your gallery, as well as effort put into the piece.
-Training images (both before and for this show)= 2 points. Maximum of 3 images.
-previous show images= 2 points for mini show, 4 points for regular shows. Maximum 4 mini’s, maximum of 3 regular
-Extra pic’s, around the farm, vet stop, etc.= 2 points. Maximum of 3 extra images
-Backgrounds. Drawn backgrounds=3-40 points Photo background=2 points
-Horse; partially shown=10 points Full horse shown=20 points
-Rider; not shown for classes that allow it=does not affect score. Partial= 3-20 points Full Rider= 26 points
-Random= 1-10 points
-Story= 0-40 points
-Effort Compared to Gallery= 1-100 points
-Creativeness= 1-50 points


Supreme Work Horse Champion: Horse must have entered at least 2 divisions, with at least three class in one and 2 in the other. Must have the best overall score from all the classes they entered. They are the best of the best horse.

Reserve Work Horse Champion: Horse must have entered in at least 2 divisions, at least 3 classes in one and 2 in the other. They have the second best overall score in all their classes.

Division champions (Western, English, Farm): Horse that did great in all their classes are the best in their division.

Reserve Division Champion (Western, English, Farm): Horse that did second best in their classes

Placing’s in Individual classes

If anyone would like to donate prizes, please note me or comment here. We need prizes!
I'll be working on design's for the foal/horse auction.

Total points pot= 171 :points: not sure how I'll divide that up.

Foal auction. Similar to the last trials, some foals will have lineage, some won't. If anyone would be willing to "donate" a sire or dam (or both), it would be greatly appreciated. Also, what breeds are people interested in? I'll have a few arabians, teke's, georgian grandes, fjords, maybe a marwari in there? What more breeds would people want to see, to round out the choices so there is something for everyone?

There will be art prizes as well of winning horses, but I haven't decided if it'll just be division winners, or class winners?

And again, any and all donations are appreciated, whether they be art or points or bloodlines for the foal auction.
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Hey all :] I've been here for about 8 years (I'm so old XD) Like horses (if you couldn't tell), fawnlings, rp's, games, movies, anime and manga, and art! I have commissions open (so far only snail mail payment available)

Commissions - Open by SweetDuke Trades - Ask Me by SweetDuke Point Commissions - Ask Me by SweetDuke

Brushes I use

Kecky's magical brushes
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