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Another update. Haven't been as active, though hopefully that will change in a few days. I have finals tomorrow and Wednesday, then moving out. Lot's of stress, not just from school, lot's of personal stress. But hopefully, everything will sort itself out and get better. The school stress does have a deadline, so once that is gone, will be able to focus on the other things. My counselor cried during our last meeting since I made her a thank you card, and I almost started crying. She really helped me out this semester, but she will more than likely not be here next year.
I'm hoping this summer to do art, as well as get a job and do my summer course (advanced nutrition, with the same professor as last summer, which was TERRIBLE! But apparently a lot better than in person classes, since he just plays pre-recorded lectures AND takes attendance, so may as well do it online).
sorry this journal just kind of rambled, I'm a little out of it with studying and everything that's happened. Hope everyone is having a good May.

Still going strong at school, but one group project is finished! It was really last minute (tip, DO NOT wait until the last minute to start a group paper! It's nothing but stress). Another group paper was finished and turned in this past Friday (all 43 pages of it!! about 38-39 pages of content, with 3 pages references and a title page), but we still have a presentation to put together (won't be to hard, almost all the work is done, just need to put a powerpoint together). And the other group (esm) is finally getting it with what we need to do. Finished up that assignment tonight, woohoo! Also, all my classes either had a quiz or exam today!

Otherwise, just being super busy, but can't wait to get back into fawnlings and dA! Even though I plan on being busy this summer, I'm really going to try and make time for story's and rp's and art! Finals are coming up, so I "shouldn't" be on too much, I'll just kind of lurk once or twice a day (what I've been doing).
Take care everyone!!

Hey everyone! I hope everyone is having a wonderful start to April. I apologize for not being as active as I said/wanted to be, with commenting on other peoples art and replying in a timely manner to rp's. I don't foresee it ending though. I have three group projects in three different classes that are coming up in their due dates. 1. Equine Production is both a group project AND paper, about designing a facility (and man, getting 4 people to agree on what and how to design it is REALLY hard and frustrating) 2. ESM/EIS project. I'm not happy with that group, a member didn't pull their weight and turn in an assignment, and yesterday one group member totally just left me hanging during/just before the meeting (like I was walking toward him and he went to another person like "They didn't show up, let's get lunch" and I was like "wth?!" cause I was right there. Whatever, I'm just feeling so done with that group. 3. Sustainable project/paper. We have to do a paper/report (won't be as hard as the equine one, but still difficult in a different way.) So far, we haven't really had a meeting or really know what's going on, which is not how it should go.

So anyway, with all these group projects, I'm trying to be a good student and do them (once done writing this journal, REALLY need to get started on that equine one!).

But other than that, feeling on the up and up. Had strep throat during and after spring break, but did antibiotics and finished them off. Emotionally feeling better, since I've started just focusing on the immediate now and trying not to focus on how to set up for the "perfect" future. Soon I'll need to do something, especially if I want to get into an apartment. So, if anyone has any tips on apartments, I need them! (first apartment tour was a flop, the landlord didn't even show up so we left. Probably a good thing, since apparently that landlord is known as a slumlord, and kind of rude with just walking into peoples apartments and that that unit had a lot of drug activity. So bullet dodged.)
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Hey all :] I've been here for about 10 years (I'm so old XD) Like horses (if you couldn't tell), fawnlings, rp's, games, movies, anime and manga, and art! I have commissions open (so far only snail mail payment available)

I usually try to reply to comments in a week, so if you don't get a response right away, don't worry, I'm just a slowpoke.

Commissions - Open by SweetDuke Trades - Ask Me by SweetDuke Point Commissions - Ask Me by SweetDuke

Brushes I use

Kecky's magical brushes
Yumedust 23 brushes

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