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Also tracking some that I may have lost/forgotten/haven't gotten to yet! Even though I'll be starting a new semester next week, I want to start doing some rp's to try and keep my sanity going during this semester. Put some rp's/ideas here for my own reference so I know what I want to get done. Also, for now, I'll do my established characters, and my two new ones will be doing some backstory for now.

Brynmore| Stag | Raider/Soldier by byrch
:bulletred: All rp's will have to be in Blackwood, since that is where he is
-I'd be interested in him training some youngsters, in whatever they think they would need. Shorter rp's, or art collabs preferred
- bovidaeloony, would you be interested in having him and Anya meet? Story/timeline wise, that thing happened, I just haven't written it up and posted it
-I'm going to put this out tentatively, but in the near future, Brynmore has moved on enough from Rosie that he'll be interested in taking a mate. This will have to be played out to see if they would be compatible, and to develop their relationship. He really jumped the ship with Rosie, and now he would want to take his time getting to know the doe before declaring them mates. He wouldn't mind if she sought out a purebred Blackwood stag to sire her offspring, as long her heart is with him, but that would be an interesting point to play out.

Rosalie | Doe | Haven by byrch
:bulletred: All rp's will have to be in Haven, Glenmore
-I'm interested in meet n' greets with other Havenites for her, does and stags welcomed. Any time since they have gotten to Haven, preferably near the time after they arrived since it wouldn't make sense for her to meet someone after living there for a year or so, there aren't that many members of their herd.
- MelonHeadGirl are you interested in any Ruben or Aytan rp's/collabs with her? I'd love to do any collabs, but so far my brain is coming up with no idea's for storys/rp's
- DodgerMD, I'll be getting the Eir and Rosie doc set up tonight. When would you like it to take place?
- TigressDesign, we still have that past Rosie and Nuala rp to finish, I've been really bad at getting to that, so putting it here so I don't forget!
- brytewolf , would you be interested in having a mother/daughter rp with Gilly? I have a feeling Rosie will want to talk to her about her new boyfriend ;)

Kahina|filly|herdmember by byrch
:bulletred: All rp's will have to be in Silverthorne
-Got some BIG plans for her! I need a bully fawn, around her age or a little older. Someone who is going to talk down about dark fawnlings while Kahina is present. Maybe a few other fawns their age to be present and witness this show down, and get an adult when things get hairy! Comment here if you think you've got a right mean youngster, or just one who wants to play and witness the whole thing! This will take place in either 763 or 764.
-Any of her siblings on her fathers side want to get to know her? We can do some past rp's of them being younger (1 to 2) and playing
- fulociraptor Would you be up for a father/daughter rp? Kahina is interested in knowing what soldiers do, and wants to ask her daddy. Also, would you be willing to do the second part of the big bully rp? I can note you the details about it if you are interested
- DodgerMD and nyxxiis, sister bonding time and adventures?
- Songbirds-Rhapsody would you be interested in having a Gia and Kahina tea/cider time? Kahina would also love babysitting Chickadee!
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Artist | Student | Digital Art
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Hey all :] I've been here for about 10 years (I'm so old XD) Like horses (if you couldn't tell), fawnlings, rp's, games, movies, anime and manga, and art! I have commissions open (so far only snail mail payment available)

I usually try to reply to comments in a week, so if you don't get a response right away, don't worry, I'm just a slowpoke.

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